• Arrawara, July 22d

    Today was mainly a lazy day. The kids spent a lot of time on the jumping pillow and some time in the pools. Unfortunately for them the pools were fun, but not heated, so they had short bursts of swim and long bursts of lying in the sun to warm up. I didn’t mind, because I had to finish the new Harry (mission accomplished!) so I didn’t want to do too many active things anyway.

    In spite of the weather forecast we mostly had a nice, warm and sunny day. Walk on the beach, through the grounds where wild kangaroos (or wallabies, I’m not great at spotting the difference) took a mild interest in our comings and goings. One of them had a little joey (that’s aussie for baby kangaroo), so that was a nice photo opportunity. I’ll upload some in another album on the photo page. The beach is nice; the sand is so hard that people actually bike on it regularly, to walk their dogs or to get to the surrounding places. Fun to see, especially for my Dutch bikeloving heart 😉

    The multicoloured birds (Lorakeets Tim calls them, they’re a kind of parrot, I have to look up their real name) are everywhere and they are cheaky as hell. First you just laugh, but the third time one of them lands on your head to see if he can get a bite of your sandwich it is a lot less charming!

    This camping site also has a licensed restaurant, so we tried out some Australian beers. There are quite a few nice ones. Their lagers are really nice, the darker ales are refreshing (our current toppers are Porter and Toohay Old) and I even tried a new kind of beer, Beez Neez, with Honey additions but NOT sweet. Now that we had a taste, more beers might follow…

    Tomorrow we will travel on, our current aim is Byron Bay.

  • Shoal Bay, July 18th

    Since the lost luggage people said they’d deliver another bag to us we decided to stay here one day longer. Tomorrow we will head of to Forster, another 150 or so kilometres up north.

    The bag was not delivered; they’ll retry tomorrow at the holiday park we just booked. Appearantly one of the bags of our boys is at my cousins place in Sydney; we will retrieve that one on our way back. Another boys bag will be delivered tomorrow, which means that we still miss the luggage of one boy and the bag with our remaining cloths, my toilet bag and all chargers in it. I do miss my tripod and I was looking forward to trying out my new lenses, but I fear I might have to replace those. Here, if I can find a specialized shop with the right equipment, or at home after I return.

    Today was very cold the locals complained: about 15 degrees and with a still burning sun so for us it merely means we have to zip our coats up. There was a stiff wind though, so we were happy that we took the whale spotting cruise yesterday.

    We spent this day walking and climbing. First to the left hand side of the bay, where we climbed the head. Than we walked back over the beach to the other side of the bay, where we climbed Tomaralee Head; a 550 m high hill so that was quite a steep climb. Falco got tired, but since we walked and climbed for about 4 hours we felt he had a right to complain a bit in the end. Food and drink helped restore the bad mood quite effectively.

    Walking on the beach was nice enough in itself, but at one point we actually had a dolphin swimming past, just a few metres away, which was an unexpected and appreciated event.

    Tim will try the camp BBQ in a few minutes, to make us steak sandwiches. We will make them the Dutch way, which means smaller than the Australian sandwiches and without beetroot (which I like, but the kids don’t). Though big, there sandwiches are often nice and healthy. I ordered a salad today, which was on the menu too, and it turned out to be a salad sandwich too, which tasted nice and felt good. I now know I still fit my own jeans (they were in the delivered bag), so I’ll try to keep it that way 😉


  • Cookies for rookies

    As soon as friend L. heard that we were going to Oz, she begged me to buy here a package of TimTams with a vague story about how you’re supposed to bite off the ends and use it as a straw to drink beverages with.

    I wondered what got her so excited, and googled. Now I know I really have to try some – who can refuse something that is described as: The Tim Tam Suck, Tim Tam Explosion, Tim Tam Orgasm, Tim Tam Straw, The Tim Tam Slam, Shotgunning the Tim Tam or just plain Tim Tamming…