Appearantly June-July are great months for whale spotting. The cruises from Sydney are quite expensive and don’t allow for kids under 5 though, and our youngest will be 5 this August.

But Jervis Bay looks like an even better deal. They have a range of nice cruises with family fees *and* younger children allowed. There is a whale spotting cruise with guaranteed whales in June and July. And we appearantly also can get 10% discount if we mention Jervis Bay Tourism.

It seens a really nice area to spend some time with the kids. Originally we thought about doing this stretch last, but in view of this piece of information we might plan this earlier. Appearantly it is about 190 km south of Sydney, a three hour ride. Back to the maps…

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  1. Henri Pannevis /

    I did the Dolphin Watch and Bay Cruise in December 2003 with my nephew and wive, with the Teken III 🙂
    (for S$25 then)
    The captain apologizing when we did hardly the Bay Cruise because we spend so much time with a group of Dolphins (one with calf) that he must cut mostly the Bay Cruise.
    Nobody was complainig of course!
    We had excellent weather (over 30C)and a marvellous time I will always remember!
    Have a wonderful Whale Watch

  2. noyce / Post Author

    30 degrees is too summery for July, so I guess you were there around november, in the Australian summer.

    Since 30 degrees is too hot for me anyway I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t rain 😉

  3. Henri Pannevis /

    Yes, it was December 4th

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