Play ground

If Mildura is too far for one day, we can have a halfway stop in Berri. Most famous thing in Berri is a big free playground and it might be a good idea to provide the kids with some controlled climb-and-do things by then.

It is also nice to ensure that there are options, that we can decide on the spur of the moment depending on what we feel like, how much time we still have and what the weather is like. If it is cold, wet and miserable we probabely want to drive on to Mildura and going to one of the swimming pool.

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  1. Henri Pannevis /

    I was wondering if this playgound has een open status in July? (winter). I could find any info on that.
    While searching I came up with this link. Could be very handy with three kids. 🙂

  2. noyce / Post Author

    LOL, a toiletmap, that is luxureous. We have our own toilet though, since we travel with a camper.

    I’d rather have a toiletmap of the Netherlands, that’s were I frequently need one at unexpected times 😉


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