Shoal Bay, July 17th

Today we were woken up by a group of screeching (Tim did the laughing, not the birds…) birds next to our caravan around 6 in the morning.

Since that is still the time we wake up anyway we couldn’t really blame them. So Tim and I just went for a nice walk on the beach across the road here. Very idyllic. We than called to see if there was still room on one of the whale cruises from Nelson Bay. We walked there (almost three kilometres, not too hard to do but a steep walk for Falco) and had breakfast in the harbour. Yummy espresso!! Or a double shot of short black as they call it here – yes, you have to learn to speak some Aussie to get by 😉

After stringent advice from locals we bought anti-seasick pills for everybody and distributed those over breakfast. An unexpected but welcome side-effect was that they made Matthijs slightly drowsy, so we didn’t have to be afraid that he would climb the railing or some similar dangerous thing. The boat trip was really nice. Cold and windy, but sunny and with a clear sky which made the whole atmosphere quite crisp. We put some factor 30 on our face and hands and still caught some sun!

Because of the kids we chose the biggest motorboat, but the whales kept a bit away from us and we saw them swimming right next to the Sailing Boat we could’ve booked too. A learning experience; when you want to spot whales, go eco!

During our walk back the kids went hungry and tired, so halfway we stopped at one of the big RSL (Returned Soldier League) Clubs on the road. My family had told me that you could just become a member for the day without any additional costs, and they provide a nice simple meal for a decent price. Right on both counts, so we might do that again in future.

Back in the Holiday Park the reception finally got the wifi kiosk working, so I will quickly update all photo’s and stories till today. My internet minutes are almost finished, so the next update might be a few days away again!

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  1. Henri /

    Jammer dat de walvissen niet zo dichtbij waren!
    Misschien krijgen jullie nog een andere kans..

  2. nella /


    Google wil niet met me praten 🙂

  3. marjolein/tim / Post Author

    Dank je nella, effies kijken of ik dat in mijn resterende minuten bij kan lezen 😉

  4. Henri /

    Er gebeuren hier allerlei geheimzinninge zaken….:-)

  5. marjolein/tim / Post Author

    grin, dat valt mee hoor henri. Vrienden van me houden ook een weblog bij, van hun vakantie in canada/usa en ik was de url kwijt 😉

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