Arrawarra, July 21th

After our stay in Shoal Bay we felt it was time to search for a place that was as nice but a bit warmer. On our way out we decided to visit Oakdale Farm, jut on the beginning of the side road from the Pacific Highway to Nelson Bay. We didn’t know what to expect exactly, but it turned out to be really really nice.

The friendly people there combined a normal farm with some of the Australian wildlife, and the kids could feed all of them. It started with some really cheeky goats and sheep, that really went for the animal treats in the kids’ paper bags. The kids were actually already pretty impressed with that. But after walking on we discovered the fields where the kangaroos and wallabies lived, emu and ostrich cages, cockatoos that were not friendly enough to be free, but that were smart and curious enough to follow you around and to reply to greetings and waves with a ‘hello’ or a wave back. There was a dingo to look at, they were allowed to pat the koala’s and even could milk a cow. Or at least attempt to milk her…

All of this lead to some really nice pictures, that I will put in a separate album on the photo page.

We got a recommendation for Forster as a pleasant place to stay, so we had booked a place there for two nights. Unfortunately the next day it rained all day – but if we had to have a rainy day anyway Forster was a better place than many others because it had an inside playground at walking distance and a big shopping mall. So the kids still had great time and we had time to buy some necessities.

And yes, necessities included the latest Harry Potter, which I bought from a wizard in the bookshop there the morning we departed. This will be a short post, because I am only at page 101 and still have at least 400 pages to go 😉

Other than that today was a driving day. We decided to really make a jump northwards in search for better weather, so we’ve driven more than 300 km today. Since the average rate is more or less 65 km per hour on the roads here, with our big campervan, that means quite a drive. The park we landed in seems really nice though. We were greeted by some wild wallabies next to the driveway, they had a jumping pillow that entertained the kids for the first hour, three heated pools with water slides and border the beach. People wear short sleeved t-shirts here, which is a good sign too; apparently the feeling of warmer weather is not entirely in our hopeful imagination!

The saga of the missing luggage still continues though. We extended our stay in the last two holiday parks so they could deliver the bag they found, but that seems to be beyond their current capabilities too. They don’t pick up the phone, we already have worked our way through 4 phone numbers and mobile phone numbers so we will have to wait till they call us again. I might try to invent a swimming costume though, since the shops are a few kilometres away and my own swimming gear is in one of the still missing bags.

First I have to finish Harry though 😉

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  1. Henri /

    Zijn inderdaad leuke foto’s !
    Ik had een vraag of je het laatste Harry Potter nog gekocht heb, maar die heb je al gelijk beantwoord. 🙂 .
    Helderziend !
    Voor elke dag dat je de koffers ‘ontloopt’ krijg je toch 50 pound sterling?
    Nog steeds dus een adventure game 😉 (Helaas)
    Veel plezier met lezen en vakantie houden !

  2. Ali /

    Have fun met Harry, ik heb hem vanochtend gehaald in ABC en was er vanavond rond 8 uur doorheen, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat je dat met man en drie kinderen en vakantie niet haalt. Shirtjes redden het ook wel als zwempak trouwens 🙂

  3. marjolein/tim / Post Author

    Harry is uit, we hadden vandaag een uitrustdag dus dat schoot lekker op 😉

    volgens mij mogen we tot 50 pounds declareren, maar krijgen we die niet automatisch. Als dat wel zo is mogen ze de koffers nog wel even houden, inmiddels hebben we alles wat nodig is wel behalve de cameralenzen en de opladers, en die tas zal wel helemaal verloren zijn gegaan (sprak zij wantrouwend)

  4. Karin /

    Zit even snel je weblog te scannen. We hebben nl. eindelijk weer internet. Jij hebt Harry dus al uit! Ik ben ook al een heel eind. Nog bedankt voor de vertaling van oatmeal, ik snap nu waarom het niet zo in de smaak viel 😉 Veel plezier nog met z’n allen!

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