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We just started to read about NSW and which things we can do there, when my uncle from Sydney dropped by. He is spending three months in… well, partly in Europe and partly elsewhere in the world. This week however he is in the Netherlands so he decided to drop by.

Which also means that he is not in Australia when we arrive there. We can still see him before we leave though, and he kindly offered us the use of his house for our first days. He lives in Mosman, in the Northern part of Sydney. So we now decided to use his house as our base station for the first days, get a Sydney Pass to use all public transport freely, and make a little list of things we really want to see and do in Sydney.

Appearantly Sydney has a public transport planner that’s very comparable with our Dutch system. Quite a number of busses stop in front of his house, some of which go to Sydney centre, others go southwards to Manley beach. The latter is a nice area to have a little walk in one of the National Parks, and you can also take the ferry to Sydney centre from there. Since you see most of the harbour that way it saves the cost of a specific harbour cruise. Therefore we’ve now crossed that from our list of things to do.

This fortunate change of plans also means that I now have to call my cousin (whom I’ve seen only once in my life, years ago) to ask for the keys of the house and to see if he can pick us up from the airport. Not an unreasonable request, I know, but quite hard for someone who is a bit telephone phobic. I hate asking favours and I hate calling – but I know I sometimes just have to kick myself in the right direction and this seems to be one of those times.

I also have to contact the company we rent the camper from, and ask if we can pick it up a few days later. That can be done by email though 😉

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