Hervey Bay, july 27th

Today was a travelling day. We wanted to leave the Goldcoast as soon as we could; we would have loved it 20 years ago and the kids will love it in another ten – but right now it felt like Torremolinos in Oz and that’s not our choice for this trip. Too many buildings and flats, too many tourist attractions and theme parks, too many fast-food restaurants.

So we decided to do the remaining 300 km to our final destination in one day. Brisbane seemed nice, but busy. We went over a toll bridge that was really really high above the ground/water. The view was great but there were bars along the whole bridge so I couldn’t really photograph it.

After Brisbane the landscape was much more to our liking. Even the motorway had scenic bits! Because we promised the kids a happy McDonalds meal to make up for the long drive we made a stop at one in Gympie (yes, the name makes me laugh too). It had an Aldi next door, so we could do the basic shopping at the same time and it had a new addition we’ve first seen here in Australia: The McCafee. Intrigued we ordered espresso, sandwiches and doughnuts – and we are now sucked in by the Evil Empire. It all tasted nice and was moderately healthy, whilst we could still provide the kids with their beloved happy meals.

We drove for approximately 5 hours to our current Holiday Park. We had called them earlier to book and found they only had one ensuite site available, so now we have the luxury of our own little cabine with a shower and a toilet. We can survive a few nights of that 😉

We also booked the tours we want to do, because it is weekend and nice weather so everything is pretty much booked full. So tomorrow morning we will do a trip with a glass bottom boat to get a glimpse of what you can see under the water, and Sunday we will do a full day trip to Fraser Island. Monday morning we will start our way back to Sydney. We will have 11 days to make the trip, but will try to do it slightly faster because we want to see the relatives before we depart.

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  1. Henri /

    Is de Goldcoast dit soort plaats. Nee dat lijkt me ook niets. 300km met een camper, mijn complimenten 🙂
    Ik had al in Google Earth gezien dat Fraser Island niet zo ver meer was…
    Oh! je heb het al de terugweg en vertrek 🙁
    Veel plezier op de Fraser ‘ zandbank’ Island
    4W drive uitje? 🙂

  2. marjolein/tim / Post Author

    De goldcoast is het stuk kustlijn tussen de grens NSW/Queensland en Brisbane. Het stuk boven Brisbane heet Sunshine coast en waar wij zitten hoort daar volgens mij nog bij.

    Fraser island wordt een wandelexpeditie. We willen liever genietend rondkijken en dat gaat makkelijker als je niet rijdt 😉

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