Dubbo, August 3th

This morning was really great. We woke with the sun in Wurrumbungle Park and immediately went for a morning walk through the herds of kangaroos and wallabies. The boys worked some more in their gigantic tree while we whipped up breakfast. One of the many great things about the park is that in the middle of the wilderness they have powered sites so we actually had microwave porridge and toast as desirable breakfast options. I might import the tradition of toasted raisin & cinnamon toast into the Netherlands; I really like it, especially with salted butter.

We then drove to another part of the park and walked the Canyon Picnic Area Nature track. If anybody who reads this ever visits the park, which I highly recommend, they should also do that walk. You have to be a bit agile, since it involves some climbing over rocks, but if you can do that you have a relatively short walk (a little over 1 km) with a lot of diversity and encounters with beautiful nature scenes. Like all the park walks we have seen so far it was very well signposted and had erudite little information posts at regular intervals. We all loved it!

We dropped in at the visitor centre to pay our park dues and picked up some Wurrumbunleabilia (t-shirt for Tim and books for the boys) and after a tiny detour to walk to Whitegum lookout we drove back to Coonabarabran and onwards to Dubbo. On our way we saw that they actually build a planetarium on scale along the roads there – which means that you encounter small and big planets on various roads, where they are positioned (and sized) in accordance with our real solar system.

We were fortunate that we stayed dry during our stay in the NP, because it now started to rain seriously. Our lunch stop at Gilgandra was also welcome as an opportunity to rest from the hard drive in miserable weather. We even hesitated about staying in Dubbo; what fun is an outdoor zoo if it is too rainy to see anything, even if some animals are crazy enough to stay out in the open?

But two different locals told us that it should clear up tomorrow, so we decided to take the gamble and stay with our original plan. We drove to Dubbo and parked ourselves in one of the last available powered sites of the holiday camp – we had forgotten that the weekend starts today.

Our little booklet had informed us that they had internet here, but unfortunately that turned out to be wrong. We will have to find an opportunity to post our new logs and photo’s when we drive on, which will be coming Sunday earliest since we will stay here for two nights to enjoy the zoo to the fullest. Sunday 5th we still plan to visit the Wellington caves and than move on to the Entrance and Bateau Bay to hopefully see my aunt(s). That’s a pretty long drive for one day, so in all likelihood we will arrive there on Tuesday the 7th.

In other news: they called today to tell us that they wanted to deliver the last piece of missing luggage to us. Apparently it is the bag they tried to deliver when we stayed a day in Foster/Tuncurry, but it took them two weeks to conclude that it had missed us. With that in the back of my mind I preferred them to send it to my cousin in Sydney instead of trying (for the third time) to get it to the right holiday park. So we can take Falco’s and Daniel’s bag unopened back with us to the Netherlands on the 9th…

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  1. Henri /

    Ja in Australië zijn nogal wat zaken anders geregeld en beter geregeld !
    Jullie vliegen in ieder geval met het complete set aan koffers weer terug

  2. Henri /

    En (weer) mooie foto’ s van Warrumbungle National Park !
    Ik zat in/vlakbij Camp Blackman voor één nacht.
    Het park is, voor onze begrippen, erg groot. Zoals zo veel van deze parken. Maar ja het is Australië 🙂

  3. Ali /

    Je moet zo maar denken; het scheelt thuis in de was. In ieder geval een goeie vakantie als ik het zo volg

  4. Niek /

    Nou jaaaaaaaaa zeg, hebben ze daar het planetenpad gepikt! Die hebben we hier ook in Westerbork, erg leuk.
    En wat een wonder dat alle bagage is gevonden. Die hebben zo hun eigen avonturen beleefd.

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