Orange, August 5th

Ah, the evil empire struck again: the MacDonald Cafe (or Macca, as they want you to call it) has wireless internet here. So we can have nice espresso, the kids can play, and I have 45 minutes to quickly upload the latest posts and photo’s – if I manage it in that time, there are a lot of photo’s…

This morning we left Dubbo in grey and wet weather, and drove on to Wellington for the caves. During our break in Wellington, because the cave-tours wouldn’t start for another hour, we read up on the caves in NSW and spontaneously decided to skip these and change our route. Flexibility-R-us at your service…

We are now on our way to Oberon, a bit past Bathurst, because we want to see the Jenalon caves. They have nine limestone caves and they are supposed to be really great. We will then go on to the entrance, where we will be the 7th. On the road we might, if we feel like it at that particular moment, visit the zig-zag railway and the glow-worm tunnel too, but we have no fixed route planned.

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  1. Henri /

    Lekker om in een opwelling de reisplannen te kunnen veranderen. Orange, Bathurst zijn plaatjes die ik met de trein heb aangedaan op weg van Valley Heights naar Dubbo
    Ik hoop dat de Jenolan caves de moeite waard zijn

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