Lane Cove Park, August 9th

Yesterday after dark the kids had a great time spotting possums. They tried to feed them leaves, which led to a little tragedy when one of them mistook Daniels finger for a carrot. But it is a small wound and after the initial shock it didn’t hurt much, so we only disinfected it and put a plaster on it. They then went spider hunting in the toilets, but fortunately they only found an innocent huntsman spider and only in the gents toilet section, so I am safe for now.

The next morning we woke up with loud birdsong and beautiful sunshine, so we had our breakfast outside. Tim left his raisin toast alone for a minute and say a big black winged thief take of with it, and the kids got raided by lorikeets again, which is not a bad morning at all considering that you are in the middle of a big busy town.

We packed everything and cleaned the campervan because we have to take it back this afternoon. We do hope to have time for a walk through this nice park though. If ever you need to be in Sydney, we would certainly recommend staying in a cabin here instead of a hotel; there website is and their GPS cooridates are: Latitude 33° 47’19.56” S, Longitude 151° 8′ 34.14” E. They are slighty hard to find, we needed to buy a Sydney street directory to get here, but it is well worth the effort!

I am not sure we’ll be able to internet before we leave (though I will certainly try to get to Circular Point where they had nice coffe and free WiFi), but we will fly tomorrow afternoon and hope to land in London at 7.45 and , Heathrow willing, will be in Amsterdam at 11h Saturday the 11th.

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  1. Henri /

    Afgezien van een paar grote hobbels aan het begin, hebben jullie toch wel een fantastische vakantie gehad zonder verdere problemen
    Elk van jullie kan nu honderduit vertellen over allerlei avonturen en wetenswaardigheden ondervonden in Down Under.
    Het was erg leuk om alles te lezen
    Voorspoedige terugreis !

  2. Niek /

    Ik ga heel hard duimen dat de terugreis voor jullie een makkie gaat worden en jullie voldaan thuis aan zullen komen.

  3. Esther /

    Nou al weer terug! Jullie zijn er nu hopelijk bijna, het was wel geweldig hè. Mooi verslag, tot laterrrr…

  4. Esther /

    verrek nee, tis vandaag vrijdag….

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