Follow the yellow brick….. eh….. Ocean Road

After reading a bit more about New South Wales we kind of fell in love with the Great Coast Road between Warrnambool en Geelong. It is supposed to be one of the most scenic roads of the world, hugging the eastern coastline between Adelaide and Melbourne. It was built in honor of the fallen soldiers who fought alongside the Brits in WW1 and was finished in 1932.

One of the most visited stretches of the road is Port Campbell. The wind and the sea have sculpted the rocks there in very unusual formations, also known as the ‘Twelf Apostels’. Actually only 9 of those were visible from the road and a few years ago one of those collapsed (July 3d, 2005) so there are only 8 left.

Another famous rock formation, the London Bridge, also suffered some sudden damage when part if it just suddenly fell down. In both cases it all happened within minutes; two tourists walking the Bridge actually found themselfes in the water unexpectedly. For me, that lends visiting them a kind of weird urgency. Those formations have been there for millions of years – yet appearantly they can disappear completely right before, during or after we visit the sites.

Along the Road are several nice views and recommended Parks. Several sites declare the Otway Park as one of the most beautiful parcs of the area, so that is on our current ‘have to see’-list too.

This recommended drive between Adelaide and Melbourne says it takes 5 days to do it at ease and still have time to discover things. Which means that we should probabely reserve about a week for this stretch. But we still have to get from Adelaide to Sydney or vice versa. Probabely from Sydney to Adelaide since I have family in Sydney, including a beloved aunt in the Blue Mountains, that we would want to visit first. Which means we should plan this in the second half or our holiday.

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