About us

 It all started in April 1994. A Dutch Marketeer and her European collegue [I mean, what else can you call someone who is half British, half Irish, born in Germany, raised in the UK and who lived in Belgium half his life…?] drank a lot of vodka in a pub in Brussels… and lightning struck. The vodka wore off, but the feeling did not: this was the real thing, Love with a Capital L. It was a crazy time of talking all night on the telephone, megabytes of email and staring into space waiting for the weekend and a fast drive to another country…

We started to make plans for a future together… preferably in the same house in the same country :-). So in February 1995 Tim was officially imported into the Netherlands. September of that year we got married and moved to our current house in Haarlem. Kids took some longer than we had hoped for, but eventually we ended up with three lovely boys.

All info about our family can be found at our family website. But we wanted a place to keep people updated with stories and pictures about (and during) our holidays, hence this little travel log.

Our family website is bilingual, because Marjolein prefers writing in Dutch and Tim in English. For this blog that doesn’t seem practical, so we’ll stick to English and hope not too much Dunglish will creep in.

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